Our Fabrics

Our bed covers are made using quality upholstery fabrics, heavy duty canvas and faux furs. A lot of the fabrics we use have a commercial Martindale rating. This means they have been rub tested as suitable for commercial use.

Upholstery velvet is surprisingly pet friendly. Velvet fabric is woven, but the threads are cut to give the fabric a short pile (much like a rug). This makes it super easy to remove pet hair, as it cannot get trapped in the fabric like with traditional woven fabrics. The short pile also means digging is not an issue as threads cannot be pulled. We use commercial quality polyester upholstery velvet for our beds, which is not only easy to remove pet hair, but also very durable and washable, making it very practical for daily use.

Faux fur is similar to velvet in that it has a pile, therefore pet hair cannot get trapped. As faux fur is made from synthetic fibres pet hair does not stick to it and can be shaken off easily.

Canvas is a tightly woven fabric. Therefore, it does not trap pet hair and threads cannot be easily pulled/ snagged. It is very durable and easy to clean. Outdoor canvas is also water and sunlight resistant, meaning it will withstand some water and will take longer to fade in the sun.