Walk Wear Product Care & Hardware info

Hardware Information

We do not recommend using silver or rose gold hardware in salt water or when swimming, as it is plated zinc/ steel and can corrode.  

Our gold hardware is solid brass and can be used in salt water and when swimming. However, the side release buckles are brass plated zinc and should be rinsed/ cleaned if used in salt water. The buckles can corrode if the brass plating is scratched/ damaged. 

Product Care

All our walk wear can be handwashed using a mild laundry detergent. Do not tumble dry or iron. Line dry or lay flat in the shade to dry. 

Our velvet walk wear is made from the same commercial quality upholstery velvet as our bed covers. Here is a demostration on washing our velvet walk wear:

Always supervise pets when wearing walk wear, bandanas, and other accessories.