Training/ Anti-Pull

Training/ Anti-Pull

Explore our range of anti-pull walk wear and training tools to help make walks with your dog more enjoyable

Martingale/ Slip Collars

Great for hounds/ dogs with small heads or dog that try to slip their collar off. These collars will tighten if your dog pulls or tries to slip their collar. Used in conjunction with training they can be a great tool to teach your dog not to pull on lead.

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Head Halter Attachments

Our halter attachments simply slide onto any buckle collar to convert a standard collar into a head halter, and can be removed when not required. These are our own design (patent pending PCT/AU2023/050851) and provide great control for strong/ large dogs as they cannot use their body weight to pull.

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Slip Halters/ Slip Leads

Our slip halters can be used as a slip collar, limited slip collar, or head halter. They come in unversial sizing which suits most dogs, making them great for growing puppies or use on multiple dogs. They are also a great training tool as they are very versitile.

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If martingale collars or head halters don't suit your dog, try our luxury harnesses. Use with a double ended lead attached to both front and rear points as a training tool, or attach your lead to the front attachment point to redirect your dog when they pull.

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