In loving memory of our Great Dane, Aquadane Arctic Mist, AKA Pickle.

Pickle was nearly 6 years old when we adopted her, but she instantly became part of the family. She is the reason I started this journey, and was very happy with her job as Chief Product Tester (I mean who wouldn't want to test luxurious beds all day?). Sadly Pickle developed a heart condition and passed very suddenly in August 2022, just 2 weeks before her 9th birthday. We miss her everyday.

Our story

Hi, I'm Sasha, Great Dane Mum and the person behind Arctic Mist.

Many years ago when I finished high school I went on to study fashion design. My mum worked in fashion, I love fashion and I love creating things so it just made sense. However, after completing studies in fashion I decided that it was not the career for me, so I went on to study Mechanical Engineering. Yes, that’s right! Very different from fashion I know, but I was always good at maths and liked the idea of designing things and problem solving, plus there were better job opportunities in Engineering.

I spent the following years working in Engineering, drafting & Project Management roles. But I always had a love for dogs, fashion and home design.

how it all started...

Then in 2019, when we first adopted Pickle, I found it very hard to find a dog bed large enough for her that looked nice and matched our home décor. So I decided to dust off my sewing machine and put the skills I learnt in fashion to use, and make her a dog bed myself. The first bed I made looked good to begin with, but the fill was all wrong and it wasn't long before the bed was as flat as a pancake, and was therefore not providing her the support she needed.

Determined to have a stylish dog bed for Pickle that she liked to sleep on and would also provide her support and last, I used my engineering skills to research different fill materials and began testing different inserts until I found the perfect one.

As well as testing many inserts, with the assistance of family and friends, I also trialled many different fabrics for bed covers before Arctic Mist was finally born.

Who would have thought that one day I would be able to combine my skills and knowledge in both fashion and engineering, as well as my love for dogs! But here I am today creating dog accessories that are not only fashionable and stylish, but also durable, fit for purpose and practical!

So what’s the perfect bed insert?

It is what we now call our luxury insert. It has a durable japara cotton cover, and is filled with the perfect blend of shredded furniture quality foam and virgin fibre. The foam provides the support required for heavy dogs, while the fibre makes the bed more comfortable. 

where we are now...

Arctic Mist started out with just a small range of beds and matching throw cushions, and I have since grown to make luxury collars, leads, harnesses and head halters too. Because although there are lots of stylish accessories for small dogs, the options suitable for large dogs are much more limited.

So using my knowledge in both fashion and engineering, my aim is to make products that are practical and durable, as well as stylish. There’s no point having stylish accessories for my Great Dane if they break when she tries to take off! Which is why I only use quality load rated European hardware for all our walk accessories. Likewise, there’s no point having a fancy dog bed to match your home décor if you can’t get the dog hair out of it. Which is why I only use select fabrics that are durable and pet-friendly.

All our products are handmade in Brisbane, Australia by me, with the exception of our bed inserts which are made by a small Australian manufacturer! We love to support local businesses wherever we can. 

Our Newest Recruit

We recently welcomed Pumpkin into our home and hope she will follow in Pickle’s footsteps and continue to be the inspiration and Chief Product Tester behind Arctic Mist.

What's planned for 2023?

This year we have expanded our range of luxury dog beds. We are expanding and collaborating with retailers and interior designers, and are releasing some new walk accessories to keep up with fashion trends, as well as expanding our fabric range for custom orders.

We will continue making our products in Australia, and working local businesses.

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram , and tag us in all your adventures so we can see you enjoying our creations!

Handmade in Australia
Arctic Mist

Luxury for Dogs