8 Stylish Dog Coffee Table Books

Combining my love of interior design and dogs is something that inspired me to create Arctic Mist. And as well as creating luxury handmade dog beds to suit the interior design-inclined, I also have another passion: Dog coffee table books!

Let’s be honest, our coffee tables are typically used for just about everything these days - a footrest after a long day at work, a dining room during Netflix marathons, or a place to store treats during a fun training session with your dog!

But to help your space really sing, you can  restore this humble furniture piece to its full glory. And there’s nothing quite as luxurious as the feeling of a glossy new photo book to make your home feel fresh & inviting.

And while I love all the lifestyle, exotic travel, gourmet dining and architectural coffee table books that are currently about…I think there’s a much more exciting subject to spark conversation: Dogs!

There are some truly stunning dog coffee table books that can add both style and personality to your home. Amazing photography, editorial pieces and hilarious humour for pup lovers to enjoy - and all curated for stylish homes.

So, what should you consider when buying coffee table books about dogs? I think the best coffee table books are intriguing, eye-catching, engaging to read and easy to scan. I’ve used this criteria to whittle down my top 8 best dog coffee table books.

(The ‘top dogs’, as it were…)

Let’s have a look at these amazing creations.

  1. Resident Dog: Incredible Homes and the Dogs That Live There

This beautiful photography book  examines architecturally superb houses and the dogs that call them home. A feast for the eyes and the heart, you can find new interior design inspiration, while witnessing just how the presence of a dog brings warmth and life to even the most modern or dramatic spaces. This one is so popular they even brought out a Volume 2! Be sure to also check out Nicole England on Instagram.

  1. Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

Ever wondered what your dog looks like underwater? Well, now you can have a glimpse! Award-winning pet photographer and animal rights activist Seth Casteel has captured over 80 portraits capturing the magical madness that is dogs swimming. He sums it up perfectly as ‘a chaotic ballet of bared teeth and bubbles, paddling paws, fur and ears billowing in the currents.’ One for all the family to enjoy, with plenty of gorgeous aquatic shades for beachy homes.

  1. Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories

With a stunning monochrome cover that brings elevation to any space, this photographic tribute to rescue dogs is something really special. Traer Scott began photographing dogs in 2005 as a volunteer at animal shelters. Sharing their stories, their indomitable character and heart-warming spirit - it’s a wonderful read for any dog lover. As well as making for a stunning centrepiece, it’s an eloquent plea for the urgent need for more adoptive families, as well as a tribute to dogs everywhere. Plus a portion of the proceeds from the sale is donated to two dog rescue organisations: Providence Animal Rescue League and Handsome Dan's Rescue.

  1. Palm Springs Modern Dogs at Home

In true mid-century style, this eclectic set of portraits by Nancy Baron puts the spotlight on the four-legged residents of Palm Springs. Set against the backdrop of some striking modernist architecture and design, Baron examines how the pups are as lovingly groomed and cared for as their surroundings. Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your living room as well as igniting your creativity.

  1. Dog People

Looking for something more quirky for a modern space? Then Dog People is for you. We’ve all looked at our dogs and thought - what kind of person would they be? Well, Sandra Müller has creative photographic answers to that question. But instead of just providing a fashion show, this set of endearing portraits is instead an experiment in unleashing the personalities we all see every day. Full of humorous moments and touching bonds - it’s the perfect mix of sentiment and silliness.

  1. Wine Dogs

If vintage is more your style, then Wine Dogs would make an excellent addition to your home. Craig McGill & Susan Elliott set out to prove that wherever good wine is made, you're likely to find a dog. This photographic journey across 150 wineries across Australia showcases the loyal canines that watch closely over this artisan craft. Perfect for a little travel inspiration for your next trip, with plenty of stories and sights to sink into your favourite armchair with.

  1. Zen Dogs

For something much more minimalist, look no further than Zen Dogs. Award-winning Australian animal photographer Alex Cearns celebrates the peace, calm, and joy dogs bring to our lives with this unique collection of mindful portraits. Capturing all kinds of canines in their most relaxed and contented moments, this coffee table book reminds us to follow our dog’s example to lead a happier, healthier, calmer, and more loving life. Sprinkled with words of wisdom from the Buddha, Gandhi, and other meditative masters, this book promises to warm the heart and soothe the spirit.

  1. Pit Bull Flower Power

Baroque, bold and beautiful - Pit Bull Flower Power is the ultimate statement piece. For decades, pit bulls have been demonised as vicious. Which has sadly meant they are often unlucky at finding loving homes and as a result, huge numbers are euthanised every year. French photographer Sophie Gamand has made it her mission to destigmatise the breed and show the true heart of these adoring dogs. Full of moving, honest, and inspiring stories, Pit Bull Flower Power not only shows that you can never judge a dog at first glance, but also serves as a testament to the caring people who work in animal rescue.

Which of these dog coffee table books is your favourite? With so many stunning portraits to peruse it can be hard to choose!

One thing I know for sure is that these dog coffee table books are more than just decorative pieces. Filled with style, heart, waggy smiles and some laughs - they can also be wonderful tributes to the joy our four-legged friends bring into our lives. The perfect gift for a dog lover in your life, or a special treat for yourself.

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Happy reading!

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